26. Massaman Kai Massaman curry with chicken, potatoes and peanuts

27. Kaeng Khiao Whan Kai Green curry with chicken and vegetables

28. Kaeng Kai Red curry with chicken and vegetables

40. Kaeng Khiao Whan Neua Green curry with beef and vegetables

41. Massaman Neua Massaman curry with beef, potatoes, peanuts

45. Potek Kaeng Fried beef, chicken, squid and shrimp with chili…

46. Plamuk Pack Ruam Mit Fried mixed vegetables with squid

57. Pla Preauw Whan Fried fish with vegetables and sweet and sour…

60. Pla Prik Ging Fried fish with green beans and chili pepper sauce

67. Tahoe Kra Prao Fried Tofu with Thai basil, chili sauce

70. Kaeng Khiao Whan Tahoe Green curry with tofu, vegetables

76. Pad Thai Kai Fried Thai noodles with chicken

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